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AirBox (Aireas)

Product sheet

The AirBox has been developed by Philips and ECN.


  • PM10 and PM2.5: Modified Shinyei PPD42 Particle Sensor. By directly reading the analog signal of the sensor, different size bins can be distinguished.
  • NO2: Modified City Technologies NO2 series. The electro-chemical sensor is exposed alternatingly to ambient air and NO2-free air. The difference between the signals is a better indication of the real NO2 concentration.
  • O3: metal oxide


  • Eindhoven (Netherlands): the Aireas network of 35 AirBoxes. PM is measured at all locations, NO2 is measured at 15 locations.
  • Assen (Netherlands): a network of 5 Airboxes to be installed soon. Part of the Innovation platform for livinglab Assen.
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