in search of a low-cost air quality sensor

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AirSensEUR is a multi-sensor platform designed for the monitoring of air pollution at low concentration levels. Its electronic circuits are sensitive enough to measure the low voltages of electrochemical gas sensors. AirSensEUR was developed by JRC with the aim to create an open object (software and hardware) and to have the capacity to behave as a node within a network of multi sensors assuring interoperability and compliance with the Inspire Directive.

The AirSensEUR shield consists of electronic diagrams, a firmware and a JAVA software, a list of components and a communication protocol. The electronic diagrams, the firmware and the JAVA software are released under Public License. The diagrams and software can be downloaded here and here.


The sensor shield is designed to acquire simultaneously data from 4 (electrochemical) gaseous sensors, and from a temperature/relative humidity sensor and a the pressure sensor. Although a large variety of amperometric sensors can be used, the board has been tested so far with:


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