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Our sensor Cairsens exists in two versions : USB output version (previously known as Cairclip), and UART output version. Cairsens is an integrated system consisting of a miniaturized measuring cell (amperometric, but also NDIR, PID…), a dynamic air sampling with a patented filter, and an electronic circuit allowing to measure and translate the smallest variations in concentration levels. Reliability of the measurement is achieved by limiting the effect of humidity variations by using a gas specific inlet filter combined and thanks to the dynamic air sampling system. The high quality of our Cairsens allows specific measurement, comparable to the reference methods (tested notably by the USEPA, the JRC, etc.). The miniaturization of the Cairsens and its very low power consumption allow to deploy them outside really easily for several days (Cairtub) or integrated in our autonomous and wireless communicating stations for real-time data access (Cairnet).

Available range of sensors : - O3/NO2 : 0-250ppb - NO2 only : 0-250ppb - CO : 0-20ppm - H2S/CH4S : 0-1000ppb / 0-20ppm / 0-200ppm - NH3 : 0-25ppm - SO2 : 0-1000ppb - nmVOC : 0-16ppb - CH2O/Organic solvents : 0-1000ppb - CO2 : 0-5000ppm - PM : to come.

Contains sensors

  • unknown amperometric sensor

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