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Dylos DC1100 Air Quality Monitor

Laser particle counter Link to manufacturer

Quote: “The DC1100 is a true Laser Particle Counter that works on the same principles as the $8,000 particle counters used in pharmaceutical and semiconductor clean rooms. Those guys really do need to know how clean their air is and they don’t use sensors like the one on your air cleaner. Those cheap sensors usually have an LED and photodiode arranged at an angle so the photodiode will pick up any light scattered back off the particles in the air. This design is inexpensive, but suffers from very poor signal to noise ratio and can only detect light scattered off many particles in a volume of air. In contrast, the DC1100 uses a focused laser which results in a drastically higher signal to noise ratio. This means that air can be flowed through a focused laser beam and the DC1100 is actually sensitive enough to detect individual particles. With this ability the DC1100 cannot only count the particles, but it can also size them based on the amount of light they scatter. For convenience sake, the DC1100 displays two particle counts – small and large. The large particle count includes pollens, dust mite debris, insect feces, coarse dust, etc. The small particle count includes most bacteria, mold, fine dust, etc. The small particle count can range from many thousands down to zero so the home owner can measure his air quality with vastly greater resolution than is possible with 5 green LEDs.”

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