in search of a low-cost air quality sensor

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 Operating principle of electrochemical gas sensors by [[http://​​en/​technicalinfo/​principle/​electrochemical-type.html|Figaro]]. Operating principle of electrochemical gas sensors by [[http://​​en/​technicalinfo/​principle/​electrochemical-type.html|Figaro]].
 +[[http://​​WEB1213/​wp-content/​uploads/​2013/​07/​AAN_104.pdf|Alphasense Application Note]]: How Electrochemical Gas Sensors Work.
 +Electrochemical sensors generally show temperature dependence and cross-sensitivity to other trace gasses. The bias of the readings is strongly affected by changes in relative humidity (for example going from indoors to outdoors).
 +Sensor readings tend to drift over time. Regular recalibration is essential. ​
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