in search of a low-cost air quality sensor

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The EveryAware SensorBox is a portable device that measures concentrations of pollutants in the air and localize them through a GPS. All the software and the hardware developed in the framework of the EveryAware project are open and available for download.

Contains sensors

  • Alphasense CO-BF, CO sensor
  • E2V MiCS-5521, CO sensor
  • E2V MiCS-2710, NO2 sensor
  • E2V MiCS-5525, CO sensor with charcoal filter
  • Figaro 2201, gasoline and diesel sensor (mainly on CO, H2 and HC)
  • E2V MiCS-2610, Ozone sensor
  • Applied Sensors AS-MLV, VOC sensor
  • Sensirion SHT21, T and RH sensor

Evaluated in

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